Child*Star Report


Without question every parent's goal is to guide the development of their child so that they realize their fullest potential, and with it, happiness. But, children are not delivered with a manual, leaving parents to grope blindly as they strive to discover their child's personality and the correct way to guide them along the proper path. The Child Star Report helps you instantly recognize and attune to your child's strengths, weaknesses, appitude, and potentials. It will provide you with suggestions on how to acknowledge and alter negative behavior, and how to maximize the positive aspects of this amazing new being. This critical knowledge leads to greater patience, a virtue of immeasurable value when raising a child.

This report is direct, yet sensitive, and encouraging: filled with an awareness of the possibilities and challenges your child (and you with them) can look forward to in life. Child Star describes your child's world - its family, educational inclinations, and emerging identity. Good parents know that by spotting both talents and possible challenges in advance they can help their child lead a fulfilled life.

The Child Star Report makes a wonderful gift, ideal for a newborn, but just as useful for parents of an adolescent or even a young teen. It is inspiring yet practical, written in an easy-to-understand language.

This report is approxiamtely 25-30 pages.